The Untitled Love Project

What would you do if you loved yourself more?

Here’s what I know: Your life is an untitled love project.

No matter what you do or how you do it, your only real goal in this life is to shape and mold your life through the leadership of love.

Don’t worry. This doesn’t mean you have to sell your possessions and move into a monastery.

You get to decide what shape your life takes. You get to try on titles, and costumes and roles for your own life. You get to experiment and play with what feels right.

You have all the answers inside.

So, what would you do if you loved yourself more?

Don’t be afraid of your answer.
Don’t be afraid to face your own truth.
When you live a self-love centered life , you naturally nourish the world around you.
Self-love is the only way to truly serve others.

…How do I know?

My entire life is a reflection of this self-love journey. For years I placed my hopes in self-help books, religion, my parents, and love relationships until I came to realize that we are the leaders of our own life. I majored in journalism to please my parents, I went into Public Relations because my friends told me I should. At 23, I’d finally secured my dream job in television production, but it didn’t quite fit.

A job at Rachael Ray was a dream job, but I was living someone else’s dream.

Believing only in the truth that I have really great and award-winning ideas, I went to graduate school to study creative writing. I had a strange book idea, that agents seemed to like but they kept telling me I needed a platform.  I began Men, Myself and God where I write first-person pieces about my incredibly personal and painful journey with relationships and self-love. Bits of my soul are available via Google search, but sharing my story made me realize that I wasn’t alone.  A tribe of other people who had their own stories emerged.

Over the years,  I came to realize that my embarrassing love stories create a space and an avenue for other people to heal and love themselves. When I love louder, others do the same.

As I grow, everyone around me grows too. We are all expanding together.

If I loved myself more, I’d write bravely without concern for what other people think. I’d stand in my truths, and help others do the same.

What would you do if you loved yourself more?

I assure you, I’ve been there.
And I can help.

Due to the intimate nature of this program, I’m only offering six slots per 3 month cycle.

If you’re ready to make change and love yourself more, apply for my complimentary 1 hour soul storming session where we:

  • Take a full assessment of where you are in ALL major aspects of your life.
  • Explore your definition of love-driven life.
  • Celebrate what’s working and identify your true desires
  • Figure out if we’re right for each other.
  • Lay out how we’ll work together.


The 12 Week Love Project Logistics:

  • 12 Weekly 1 hour love calls designed to:
    • Help you figure out the answer to the ‘love yourself more’ question?
    • Hold the space for whatever comes up (no matter how scary or deep, you’re not alone)
    • Challenge some of the beliefs that hold you back.
    • Guide you toward trusting your own instincts.
    • Allow you to see yourself with your own heart.
    • Take bigger chances.
    • Support you as you transform into the most loving version of yourself.
    • LOVE yourself into your own greatness.
  • A final wrap-up call where we:
    • Go over your plan for the future
    • Figure out what additional support I can provide
    • Celebrate where you’ve come from
    • Receive your personalized Love Letter (a detailed assessment of our experience together. Your best self reflected back to you.).
  • Other Goodies (if you want them):
    • 5 Meditation Techniques for reluctant mediators.
    • 25 Books to change your life.
    • A morning ritual worksheet.
    • Unlimited email support between sessions, so that you never feel you’re alone.
    • Free text message support between sessions
      • As long as you promise not to drunk text me all night long.

The Love Project Results:

  • You fall more deeply in love with yourself.
  • You’ll deepen your ability to trust yourself.
  • You realize that you’re more beautiful and less crazy than you think.
  • You transform and expand your capacity to sit with and move through your own emotions.
  • You develop a written Love-in-action plan designed to help you live your love:
    • You’ll clarify what you want.
    • You’ll define milestones for the journey
    • You’ll create some plans to get back on track if you veer off.
    • You begin DOING the things that are in your heart.

Program Tuition: $1,200 (Payment Plans are Available)