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Operation Michael Cera: A Short Post On Patience

by P. Braithwaite

I haven’t written about my beloved Michael Cera in over a week. It’s not because my heart has somehow hardened toward him. (NEVER!) It’s because, well, I have nothing new to report. And it’s hard to write an epic story about my journey toward manifesting Michael Cera when nothing is happening. I did, however, finally finish watching the latest season of Arrested Development (which gets funnier as it goes on).

That counts for something…

Anyway, the fact that I have nothing to say actually hints at something super important: when relying on the Universe, one must have patience and faith.

Personally, I have no doubt I’ll meet Michael Cera. It is a sad but true fact that my life is too random for it NOT to happen. And, I assure you, it will be a magical moment because, I’m going to be super awkward about the whole thing.

I promise.
It’s gonna be super weird.

So take a deep breath and know that for whatever it is you are hoping, praying, waiting, pulling, manifesting… patience and faith are important pieces of the puzzle. Just because something hasn’t happened yet…doesn’t mean it’s not on the way! And don’t worry too much, when it’s time to take some action, you’ll know.

If you need an extra shot of patience today, here you go:

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And don’t worry, what you’re waiting for is coming!


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What to Expect When You Paint ONLY Your Middle Finger (#31writenow, #nablopomo)

by P. Braithwaite


Last Sunday, while bills sat on the table waiting to be paid, I sat on my couch lamenting over a horrible manicure. I’d gotten a cute pink manicure, but one nail looked dingy and cracked. There were air bubbles and they were driving me crazy, so I decided to paint that fingernail with glittery pink polish. Yep, just so happened to be my middle finger on my right hand.

As I added several coats of polish, I started to feel a sense of power. Every brush stroke made my middle finger more seductive. I had the desire to start flipping people off. As I waited for my lone nail to dry, I had the strongest feeling that I’d be giving the finger to someone over the course of the next few weeks. Typically, I’d refrain from these thoughts, but my own bravado mixed with nail polish fumes made for an intoxicating cocktail of madness. I fell in love with this idea of giving people the finger so I Instagramed it.


And tweeted about it.


And I also practiced flipping people off in the mirror (no picture. Sorry).

And then I went off to meet friends for dinner and forgot about the whole thing. Monday came, I sat down at my computer, and ran smack dab into an aggressive confrontation that left me shaking for hours. I paced back and forth, I wrote replies and deleted them, I held back tears…But in that moment I had to decide: do you want to use your middle finger or not?

I’m not really a middle finger kind of gal.

The truth is, when we entertain and invite anger and aggression into our lives, we get what we’re looking for. Whether we paint our middle finger glittery pink, or put on invisible armor and defense mechanisms we’re preparing for a fight we may not want or need. You know what the say, luck (both good and bad) favors the prepared…Hostility begets hostility; aggression begets aggression.

Whatever we’re searching for we find.

And so today, I recenter and re-polish my nails so my middle finger is no longer running the show. I don’t want anymore fighting. It’s not good for my heart, and I don’t want to even think about extending my middle finger anymore.

And so it is.

Operation Michael Cera: Your Dream isn’t a Longshot After All. (#31writenow #nablopomo)

by P. Braithwaite


So if you’re just tuning in to my weekly series, Operation Michael Cera, here’s what you need to know:

  1. I love Michael Cera. You know, the guy from Juno? George Michael Bluth from Arrested Development? No…no…not Michael Ealy. Michael Cera. Yes…Michael Cera.George-Michael-Bluth-george-michael-bluth-741945_400_257
  2. This love was a long held secret until I blogged about it and devised Operation I Love Michael Cara which is basically a mini-experiment in manifestation. I’ve set my intention to see if the Universe will conspire on my behalf to help me meet Michael Cera before the end of the summer. So we’re clear, I’m not stalking him or deliberately setting out to find him. I’m trusting the Universe to work this shit out.

You can read the complete post here, but that just about sums it up.

The most common question I’m getting about this is, why the EFF are you blogging about Michael Cera?

Easy, because I love him.

BUT…since I’ve made a deal with myself that I only blog about things that can somehow help or inspire other people…I’ve turned this love into a living manifestation experiment. See, my secret hope is that you guys play this game with me. I want to manifest a chance encounter with Michael Cera, but maybe you want to manifest something else. Maybe your secret desire is a bit random and ridiculous (you know, like meeting Michael Cera). So that’s why I’m blogging about this. I believe that the Universe brings us what we desire, and so I’m doing this so ya’ll can believe that too. The Universe always provides.

And now, today’s installment…

I was taking a little depression nap the other day when my phone vibrated. I ignored it because, well, my couch is awesome and I take napping very seriously. Plus, my mind has been racing and so when I sat on the couch it was really in an effort to relax and calm my mind. No calming thoughts ever come as a result of my vibrating phone. So yeah, I ignored it for a while. Anyway, when I  woke up (later than I intended), I saw this waiting for me:

image (4)

And then I was all like….

photoAnd then he was all like….

image (2)

 And then I said…image (3)

And I meant it.

I WILL take this as a sign that my silly little summer plan is actually quite attainable. Let me say this again, ya’ll: OUR LONGSHOTS are ACTUALLY ATTAINABLE. Michael Cera is a person. Other people have seen him, and logic would have it, I can probably see him too.

I will see him. I’m amusingly confident about it.

The other lesson here is this: when something that you want to happen, happens to someone close to you – take that as a message from the Universe that what you’re manifesting is close! If you’re dying to find love, and people around you are falling into it – know that the Universe making deliveries in your neighborhood! The Cable Company will be knocking on your door in no time. Don’t waste time being jealous, know that your dream isn’t a longshot after all.

What you’re waiting for is on its way for you.

I asked this before, but I’ll ask again, what longshot are you manifesting? Let’s work on it together!

PS. No, I’m NOT camping out at the aforementioned establishment to find Michael Cera. Ironically though, I used to live around the corner. The hamburgers are amazing. Mr. Cera is clearly a man of impeccable taste.