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What does it mean to be healed? (#31writenow, #nablopomo)

Sometimes, when I’m having a bad day (or week or month), I reread my own blog posts. I’ve never mentioned this to you because that shit sounds super narcissistic. But it’s true. I don’t do it because I’m into the sound of my own prose (although sometimes I do feel myself a but), I do […]

Someone Is Going to Love This Blogger (#31writenow #nablopomo)

I told him. I told my oldest male friend about my break up with The Besticle. I told him about how we broke up, how I blogged about it, and how that mother fu my ex called me up to complain about my blogging. Then I cringed. And waited. On some level I knew my […]

5 Facts About Men, Myself & God

Men, Myself and God is more than a blog — it’s a safe space. Men Myself and God is a place to explore your own voice. Sure, I write a lot about my failed relationships. But beyond that, it’s a safe space where you can feel whatever you’re feeling. It’s a personal development portal where […]