Life Coaching FAQs

1.       Explain your coaching package in 140 characters.


We work together for 3 months. You push yourself to ask: What would I do if I loved myself more? I support implementation of your answer.


Learn more about The Untitled Love Project.

2.       How do I know if I need a life coach?

I personally decided to seek a life coach after a really bad break up; I wanted to feel like myself again. I was trying desperately to finish up my graduate thesis, and I wasn’t sure what was next. I’d been in therapy for a while, but I needed to take steps that moved me forward. Life coaching is support for people ready to take some action — for people ready to become more themselves. If there is something that you’re looking to accomplish, and if you’re held back by excuses, it might be time to sit with someone who doesn’t have an agenda for you. It might be time to explore how you can live more fully, and how you can work through some of the things that are holding you back.

3.       What’s the difference between life coaching and therapy?

Well, first off, I’m not a therapist, nor would I ever claim to be. When I first started my coaching classes at NYU, they made it abundantly clear that coaching and therapy are not the same thing. The main difference is that traditional therapy tends to focus on a diagnostic/deficit model. You typically come into therapy feeling that there is something wrong with you. Coaching, on the other hand (especially my specific style of coaching), works under the knowledge that you whole and healed. We’re simply working to help you live your awesomeness more fully. There is nothing wrong with you, we must simply sit and look at your thinking to figure out what’s blocking you from what you desire. To that end, here are the differences:

  • Coaching works primarily with the present and the future. While we may touch on a past event to help you move forward, we do not dig deeply into the emotional underpinnings of that moment. We examine it to find the blockage and then we figure out how to move past that blockage.
  • Coaching has a clear end date. My particular package, The Untitled Love Project, lasts approximately 12 weeks. In this time we move toward your goals. Traditional therapy does not have a set end date — you work through problems to see how events influence your life.

4.       So, if I’m ‘whole and healed’ why would I pay you to talk? You’re really cute and funny, but what do I gain from a life coach?

Well, what a life coach basically does is helps you examine your thinking. Fancy folks call this metacognition, but essentially a life coach helps you figure out how you’ve been holding yourself back and she helps you through the scary process of moving forward.

By working with a life coach you gain a few key things:

  • Perspective: You’d be surprised how often we don’t hear ourselves clearly. When you speak to a coach, she can actively listen to you and mirror your desires back to you. A good life coach doesn’t have an agenda for you (sometimes our loved ones do), and so she can hear what you’re truly getting at, and she can ask really dope questions that get you to think about what you want.
  • Support:  We have all types of ways to play together. We’ve got weekly calls where we touch base. We have unlimited email and texting so you’ve got support between sessions, and I’m a great resource for books, meditation techniques and great ideas. For three months you have the perfect mix of good friend, great resource, tough trainer and empathetic ear. I’m also open to hearing how I can further support your journey.
  • Clarity: When you are actively engaged in the process of metacognition, clarity follows. You realize what you truly want, and what you think you want. You also begin to see what’s holding you back.
  • Accountability: Talking is awesome, but working with a coach forces you to be accountable. Not only do we check in and celebrate what’s working, we also really delve into the moments where you’re stuck. You’ll also fill out a fun little worksheet every week so that we make sure you’re on track and loving it.
  • You learn to trust yourself: I’m never going to give you an answer; you have your own. Throughout our time together you will make decisions, you will try new things, you will challenge yourself. When it’s over, you will have learned how to trust your own instincts, you will have learned how to hear your own voice. You will learn how to hold yourself accountable. And you’ll always have my number if you ever need a tune up. Coaching is simply training to help you live your life without a coach.

5.       There are a lot of life coaches. What makes you different?

I’m not for everyone. If you found me via my blog, you already know: I curse, I ask tough questions, and I’m relentless about emotions. My honesty makes people uncomfortable, but that’s what separates me from other coaches.  I am 100% myself, and I provide a space where you get to be yourself. You don’t have to impress me, or prove anything to me, because everything you’ve thought – I’ve probably written about it.  I’m transparent about my problems; I am honest about my flaws, so to work with me is to work beside me. We are truly working together. If your life is the rainforest, I’m your local guide. I know the landscape of your dreams and your fears…because I’m an active inhabitant of my own.

6.       What makes The Untitled Love Project different?

I think it puts form around what coaching is: profound soul-level love that transforms. A coach loves you into your own greatness. A coach believes in you when you find it difficult to believe in yourself. A coach supports you enough to hold you accountable.

The Untitled Love Project is not about me imposing my agenda on you; it’s about you getting clear on what it looks like when you make self-love a priority in your own life. You set the agenda and the tone. I also offer weird things like unlimited text messaging in between our sessions, and a personal love letter so that you will always know what an impact you’ve made on my life. It’s not about achievement, it’s about transformation.

This is life coaching that is built on intimacy, trust, and profound love and profound respect.  I see you so clearly and I want to guide you toward the process of clearly seeing yourself.

7.       Oh wow. The Untitled Love Project sounds really beautiful, but can I text you at 3AM after I’ve done something stupid like accidentally texted my ex?

Um…yes? I guess. So here’s the deal: during our three months together you have unlimited texting and email access. If you have a stroke of divine insight or a huge win (or loss) you can shoot me an email or a text. That said, you’ll have to factor in time differences and the fact that I have lots of other things going on.  You can always expect a response within 6-8 hours.  If I take longer than 8 hours, feel free to get all psycho and stalker on me (just kidding; that crosses lots of boundary lines).

8.       I’m really interested, but what if I can’t afford it?

I can totally relate. When I first decided to get a life coach a few years ago, I was finishing up my thesis and I was an extremely broke graduate student. I had to really sit with the question of whether or not now was the right time to make that financial commitment. My three month coaching program is $1200; however, I do have monthly payment plans available. I’d also like to point out that if the idea of life coaching resonates with you, fill out the application. If you qualify, we’ll have our little soul-storming session and we can discuss possibly working together. Even if now isn’t the right time, you’ll know where to find me when you’re ready.

9. How do I sign up?