About the Blog

The Story Behind Men, Myself & God

After being dumped by a fundamentalist Christian, I was heartbroken and confused (I’m a tree-hugging hippie), and so I did what I do when I don’t understand : I cried a lot, laid in bed, ate chocolate, and devised a theory. What if the ways men view God inform how they react in relationships? What if how a man sees God, can tell us how he’ll see his lover?

Armed with a broken heart and my favorite ball-point pen, I spent three years interviewing men. All sorts of men: divorced Presbyterian ministers, atheists who identified as Quakers, and even a transgendered deacon.

I was kind, curious, and I never once judged their beliefs (or non-beliefs). I simply met men and asked them about their love lives. It was a great use of my natural nosiness.

Something weird happened though…

While I was struck by their candid answers, I was even more surprised by how their reflections caused me to have my own. Their stories unlocked deep questions in me that hadn’t been answered.

Thus, Men [Myself] and God, started to transform.

What started as a place to blog about my book project, became a tiny little temple for me to tackle the things that stretch and test my little soul (HINT: men, myself, and God). I’m not a therapist or a teacher, I’m simply a storyteller. My sincere intention is to be as gut-wrenchingly honest as possible and build a community of other seekers who can extract lessons from my stories. In short: I’m an eloquent train wreck. I share myself in an uncomfortable way so that, like the men who shared with me, I can facilitate the personal reflections of ya’ll.

I honestly believe that all people are spiritual teachers in disguise.