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Operation Fall in Love: Surrender tastes like chicken.

I have a fascination with “knowing” things. I read tarot cards, study my horoscope, read books, and meditate in an effort to get to the wisest part of myself. When that doesn’t work, I flip a coin. I need to know myself. I am always trying to know myself. In my mind, if I can touch the […]

Jesus = Homeboy: Surrender, Transformation, and Other Sh*t like that…

[Happy Easter, ya’ll. Although I don’t identify as Christian anymore, I’m committed to taking my spiritual lessons where I find them. I have lots of reverence for Jesus and the spiritual lessons he imparts.] So, I’ve REALLY been struggling with the concept of surrender. I know the dictionary definition (verb. yield – give in – submit […]

To Love Something is to See it Clearly

I’ve stopped watching football. A few years ago, inspired by my sister-in-law, I came out of the closet as a fan. For years prior, I’d sat silently with my father on Sundays and listened to him wax poetic about the game. My father is a true sports fan, never really investing in a particular team, […]