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Me, You, Everyone and No One: Thoughts On Wanderlust and Loneliness

I didn’t expect to feel the loneliness of traveling when I got home. My daily life feels foreign, and my native tongue is no longer an adequate connector. I’m home, yet I’m very much still traveling by myself. And so, I suspect, this isn’t a blog post about traveling. Maybe its a post on how past is always dying whether we kill it with a passport or the passage of another day. We don’t have to travel to face the unfamiliar. We don’t have to leave town to adventure into our own lives. Solitude, space, and distance are wrapped in more than miles or yards.

Stand in the Space You’ve Created

You are safe now. There are no monsters in the closets, under beds, or in your inbox. Dust bunnies hop on floors, but, inside, we are pristine. The cracks and cobwebs give us character and courage. This home was created with love. You are safe there. In this moment, as kids nap in their rooms, […]

Love, Lies, and What’s Beyond The Drama

We are facing each other — bald head, brown eyes, and truth against my check. He smells like my soap and nice cologne. I wear sweat pants, a floral headscarf, and a scowl. I brace myself for a response to the question I’ve just asked: “Was that her car you used to drive to my […]