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Operation Fall in Love: Surrender tastes like chicken.

I have a fascination with “knowing” things. I read tarot cards, study my horoscope, read books, and meditate in an effort to get to the wisest part of myself. When that doesn’t work, I flip a coin. I need to know myself. I am always trying to know myself. In my mind, if I can touch the […]

Operation FALL in love: BloggerEmme’s Last Post

Week Seven – Woo hoo!!! Finally I am at the end of my journey. I have arrived whole, strong, harmonious and powerful. I am here, further connected to myself and my spirituality after getting close to the depths of my soul. Major Lessons Learned: This journey has allowed me to grow and expand spiritually. I can […]

Operation FALL in Love: #writegirlproblems

I’ve always been a writer. I’ve been writing poems since the third grade. I’ve always wished that speaking came as easily for me as writing. It doesn’t. I was born with a stutter, and –as a result – I was extremely quiet. I don’t stutter anymore, but I’m still extremely quiet. I get nervous when […]