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Things I Fear Thursday: I’m a Douche-Bag

At what point does the constant company of douche bags make you one by association? Why do we call really obnoxious men douche bags, anyway?

Bravery, Life, and Another Effing New Year

My mother always tells me I’m brave. Now, I don’t take this very seriously, she also says I’m careless, impatient, and prone to bad moods (hi mom). But, with regard to bravery, she has remarked that I’m unafraid to try new things, go new places, and take risks. I’ve never really committed to this idea […]

There is Medicine in Story (#31writenow, #nablopomo)

My childhood friend, Marie, sits beside me on the pavement. We are outside of my parent’s house, getting ready to go back to our respective homes. I didn’t expect to see her, but it’s a nice surprise. She pushes her fiery-red hair out of her face and kicks dried leaves around with her designer sneakers. […]