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5 Facts About Men, Myself & God

Men, Myself and God is more than a blog — it’s a safe space. Men Myself and God is a place to explore your own voice. Sure, I write a lot about my failed relationships. But beyond that, it’s a safe space where you can feel whatever you’re feeling. It’s a personal development portal where […]

Kim Kardashian is Doing God’s Work: Volume 2

I’m a reality tv junkie. Forgive me… Two years ago, when Kim Kardashian was marrying Kris Humpries all over cable tv, I was trapped in a loveless (and sexless) relationship with the man I call Dr. Dolittle. At the time, I didn’t know it was loveless (I was aware of the sexless part), and so […]

Spirituality vs. Religion [vs. Me]

I’ve always been one of those people, you know the “I’m not spiritual, I’m religious” types, so I was really delighted when I came across the Huffington Post article by Ed and Deb Shapiro. I was raised Roman Catholic, but, after years of undoing some of that Catholic guilt, I’ve decided to identify as “spiritual” […]