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Quickie: Forgiveness Is…

Forgiveness is giving up the right to retaliate. Forgiveness is the willingness to have something happen the way it happened. It’s not true that you can’t forgive something; it’s a matter of the will, and you always have the choice. Forgiveness is never dependent on what the other person does or does not do; it […]


I have reached the end of my 30 day forgiveness journey, and today seems like an appropriate day to reflect on forgiveness, prayer, and moving forward. It was drafted WEEKS ago, but I’ve been resistent to share…. I am writing this in a beautiful outdoor space surrounded by tikki torches and twilight. I am alive, […]

9-11 and Forgiveness

I haven’t been to the 9-11 memorial. I remember going on the website and discovering that I needed to schedule my visit almost two months in advance. I’m not sure if that’s still the case, but ,at the time, it required to much planning. So I didn’t go. That said, the design of the memorial […]