On Community

by P. Braithwaite

Those of you who know me, know that I crave community. I join classes and clubs, I turn strangers into friends, but I’m always left somehow unfulfilled.

Well, I’ve realized something about my never-ending quest for community: it’s bullshit.

I’m learning that groups of like-minded people freak me out (and bore me). I like nuance. I respect dissent. I both fear and crave to be challenged. I resent anything that feels exclusive or divisive.

I’m not the biggest fan of intellectual cohesion.

I learn over and over that ‘community’ is not this homogenous group of people who have the same exact beliefs (that might be a cult). Communities aren’t groups of souls who need to be saved, fixed or tweaked. Communities aren’t based on sameness or even differences because…everyone is different in exactly the same ways.

Community is wherever your feet have landed. Community are those who breathe the the exact same air as you (HINT: everyone). In this space, in this moment you are communing.

In this space, in this moment, community is all there is…

…Proceed however you see fit.

What does community mean to you?