On Honoring Commitments

by P. Braithwaite

I went a day without blogging yesterday. I took a holiday. Instead of writing, I sat on the beach and thought about nothing the troops. Actually that’s not true, I took a nap, growled at small children, and stole a frisbee from grown men who were endangering everyone around them with their lack of catching skills.

All in all, a good day.

I didn’t want to go another day without blogging. Actually, that’s not true either. I DID want to go another day without blogging, but I didn’t….not because I feel compelled to write, but because I told ya’ll I was doing a 30 day blog challenge, and I plan to do so.

I like to do what I say, if I can help it.

When I used to run half marathons, people liked to say I was a deeply disciplined person. That wasn’t true. I was the same lazy slouch I am now, and when they’d venture to believe otherwise, I’d shrug and tell them they were wrong.

“I just keep making the same choice,” I’d explain. “I keep making the choice to run.”

The truth is that discipline doesn’t require overwhelming grit or determination, it simply requires that you perpetually choose the same action over and over. There is no attainable destination upon which you are on autopilot and you do hard things with ease (and grit). No. The choice to do the thing you said you’d do is often hard…some days it’s downright agonizing. You don’t have to BE disciplined…you just have to make the same choice. Discipline is not an attribute; it’s a practice. Every day is an opportunity to re-commit. Every second is another opportunity to make the choice you made the second before.

Discipline and commitment are a sustained pattern of action. There’s no magic. It’s not something you need to develop…it’s just a simple choice and that’s empowering.

What choices are you currently making?

And so it is.