It takes a Village…

by P. Braithwaite

I was cleaning my desktop a few minutes ago; dragging, deleting, and organizing my folders. On my desktop I see my friend’s play (which is being produced in August). There is a scanned copy of another friend’s PHD personal statement (he’ll be starting on a full ride in the fall). Another friend, an accomplished writer/director, sent me an awesome screenplay to look over.

If I glance around my room, my bookshelves are lined with friends who have published; friends of who have accomplished, friends who have achieved. This year alone, I’ve found my name in three different acknowledgements. This is something that makes me so proud. I feel blessed to be trusted with great work.

In my own life, I have a mother who has proofread everything I have ever written. I have a book proposal in the inbox of three of my closest friends. My uber-talented designer friend is creating a portfolio site for me. I’ve looked at the mock up, and I’ve fallen in love with my own professional path. I’m committed to teaching a blogging class (after a year of solid denial), as a direct result of my wonderful coach who loves and supports me into my greatness. Her support is palpable; It helps me flourish.

We are all destined to become who we are meant to be. But none of us get there on our own.

It takes a village to help you realize you are what God intended. It takes a network of loving souls to midwife your highest self. It takes a lineage, the souls of those who came before us, to help us stand at the precipice of the impossible.

I don’t know where I’m going but I know I don’t go alone. I don’t know where my companions will travel, but I’m willing to help them get there.

And I know, we’re all safe in God’s hands.

And so it is…

Who is in your village? What do you contribute and receive?