Smile at Fear…or something.

by P. Braithwaite

There’s this misguided idea that fear is something we have to rage against, power through, or overcome. I’m learning that’s a fallacy.

I’m working on a biggish project — gearing up to teach a class based on my own truths. It’s scary and three times a day fear crops up and I try to talk myself out of my own dreams.

You don’t really wanna teach this class. No one will come.

For all of my coaching techniques (reframe, refocus), I’m learning to breathe into the fear. What does that mean? When the fear comes, I stop what I’m doing and just breathe. I’m learning to sit beside the fear and watch it: sometimes it stays for a few minutes, other times it quickly scurries away.

More and more I’m understanding that there is nothing we need to do. There’s nothing to overcome. Our only task is to keep breathing. Fighting thoughts with thoughts is like fighting fire with fire — unproductive. Just sit beside the fear and watch it pass.

Your dream will be waiting patiently when fear passes — and you will continue to do your work.

And so it is.