Don’t forget to remember…

by P. Braithwaite

When I first moved back from Miami, I enjoyed two things about being back in NYC:

Seasons and street performers…

Coming back North with a little bit of the tropics in my heart gave me a relaxed attitude toward commuting (I refused to run for trains) and an appreciation for sitting outside and marveling. One of my favorite activities was spending almost every lunch hour in Bryant Park, watching leaves fall from their branches.

I’d roam around NYC like a tourist, unafraid to stop and marvel at street performers in Union Square. I’d sit for a moment and rock out, I’d sway along to Bob Marley covers. I’d feel gratitude that I lived in a city where creativity floats through the air.

It’s funny, we’re coming off of the longest winter ever, and sometimes the site of street performer makes me mad. They take up space. They’re loud. They create crowds of annoying tourists. I’m swear a one day a break dancer will kick me in the face.

My point…is this: don’t forget to remember who you were when you first got here. Try not to let yourself become too jaded. Don’t be afraid to begin again, to marvel, to drop the tough guy act.

All the good stuff is unfolding…right now.