If you see a life coach on the road, kill her.

by P. Braithwaite

There’s a Buddhist saying, “If you see a Buddha on the road, kill him.” I love this saying, and, although I have a statue of Buddha in my home, it serves as a reminder that

the teacher is not to be confused with the teaching. The teller-of-truths is not the truth. The hand that points to the moon is not…well…you get the point.

You don’t need a life coach. I’m a f*cking life coach, a damned good one at that, so trust me when I tell you there is no magical unicorn-turned-life-coach coming with new universal truths you haven’t already heard. There’s no catchy-themed 13 step system that’s going to catapult you out of yourself and into a different life. No amount of glitter, lace, and lady-branding will solve your problems for you.

You don’t need to see a life coach. You need to see yourself. You need to see yourself…clearly.

The process of seeing yourself could very well involve a life coach, or a book, or a church, but in the end….you should probably sit and meditate. The truth is, no matter what tools you employ, you must be with yourself to see the cycles that rattle around in your mind (with love). You need to learn which voices in your head can be trusted. You need to feel the power and wisdom that already lives inside of you.

Only you can do the hard work of becoming more yourself…but that doesn’t mean you can’t have help.

A  life coach…or even a religious philosophy for that matter..is simply helping you do the hard-work of remembering what you know. So, if you see a Buddha on the road, don’t kill her. Give a wave, and see her as a reminder that liberation is for everyone. And if you see a life coach on the road, blow a kiss, and see him as a signpost from the universe that there are others like you; there are others who are brave enough to dedicate their lives to working through tough issues. The life coach is a living embodiment of the desire to be better — the desire to expand.

If the life coach tells you that you need her or that she’s got the solution to all your pain — well…what you do with her is entirely up to you.

And so it is.