Stand in the Space You’ve Created

by P. Braithwaite

You are safe now. There are no monsters in the closets, under beds, or in your inbox. Dust bunnies hop on floors, but, inside, we are pristine. The cracks and cobwebs give us character and courage.

This home was created with love.

You are safe there. In this moment, as kids nap in their rooms, partners leave soiled dishes, and obligations overwhelm a fragile heart — you are safe in the spaces you’ve created: in the exhales you sneak, the stolen moments to read this blog, the two minutes when you wake up before the world crashes in. You are safe — in the moments where you’re allowed to be yourself. Those moments nourish more than you know.

I applaud you for carving out this space.

People dance into our spaces. They bring flowers, and they bring fleas. Sometimes they trash the place and leave messes in their wake. Both joy and sadness are transient.

All things are cleared away in time.

This year is about standing in my own safe space. It’s time to recognize the safe space I’ve constructed for myself. I’ve moved furniture, stacked books, repaired leaks, installed floors. I’ve killed rodents and restructured my foundation. Now it is time to honor the safety of my space. We must stand in the safety we fight for — knowing we are safe within ourselves…

….whether someone sits beside us or not.

And so it is.

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