An Open Love Letter…For You

by P. Braithwaite


One day you will wake up, and the sun will blind you. It will stream through the narrow space where your curtain panels meet, and you will think you’ve overslept again.

You will rise from your bed to let in more light. You will face it, and you’ll know the world is yours. You are its keeper. There is nothing you must do. There is nothing you must shed to bring forth what you desire. You are alive. You are awake.

The world is yours.

In this very moment, wherever this letter finds you, I want you to know I see you clearly. You are not your flaws, your ego, your mistakes, or your facade. I see beyond your failures, your loneliness, your dingy socks. You are not your political or social affiliations. You’re not the lies you’ve been whispering to yourself. I see beyond your secret love of gossip mags and fattening foods.

I look at you.
I see the truth.
You are the truth.

There is no dust to blow away. I have no books to recommend. You don’t need me, a therapist, another life coach, or a psychic.

I’m simply writing to tell you, you are loved.

I’ve been dying to tell you that you’re more powerful than you know . It doesn’t matter who doesn’t see you. I can see you. I prostrate in your presence because inside you there is God. Your being is the dwelling place of God. It doesn’t matter who hasn’t bowed, or who has made you feel unworthy.

You don’t have to hide any longer. You don’t have to be afraid to be yourself.

You needn’t crouch, or shrug your shoulders, or hide your face. You don’t even have to smile, bat your eyelashes or agree. You are magnificent — you’re a descendant of the stars. The Universe dances between your shoulders. Entire galaxies live inside your heart.

You deserve to know that someone in this life sees you and loves you as God intended. So today, simply rest in the knowing that you are seen and you are loved.

Rest. Your slumber is divine.

I am here as a guardian and a witness to your ever-present light; I commune with you beyond the secrets you are keeping for yourself.

To serve you is an homage to myself. To see you is a gift I give myself.

Someday you’ll wake up and your own light will blind you. You will squint for a moment, but eventually you will bow. You’ll be humbled by the experience of communion with yourself. You’ll let the warmth of your own grace envelope and inspire…and you will know what I know…

That you are whole…
You are perfect…
You are love…

And so it is.

Reflect, Transform, Love