Try to Remember the World Is Beautiful

by P. Braithwaite


It’s autumn in New York and time has started to move too quickly. Overnight, the temperature has dropped; leaves have dried. People pull jackets close to their chests and walk faster toward their respective destinations. The wind carries a chill that stings the eyes, and I’m unsure of where September went.

Lately, I feel I am racing against the clock — organizing my business so that I can leave the country next year. I am so ready and eager to leave the country for a while. My plans feel overwhelming, and every time someone asks me how I will live abroad, I cringe.

“I’m building a coaching business,” I reply. “I’m hoping to be location independent.”

I have plans, but sometimes it’s overwhelming. I’m scared that my plans won’t come together.

I sat on a green chair in Union Square and cried last week. I just felt tired — the business of being different is exhausting. There was a European tourist studying me to my left, and a homeless woman muttering and picking cans.

The world felt like a cold and ugly place.

And then I heard a sound. An electric guitar was met by an amplifier. The steady rhythm of skilled hands hit a drum. Three slender men with great hair and tight pants, sat underneath the sculpture of a red tire. They played for a while; each strum of their guitar was intricate and layered — a mash up of electric guitar and spanish flamenco. They used their entire bodies to play their instruments. After a few songs, they came over to the crowed: they handed out cards, and explained their Facebook page.

“We’re City of the Sun,” the guy smiled while handing me a card.

Then he sat down and started again. They continued to give of themselves.

And I remembered the world is beautiful.

We move too fast and worry too much. We rush toward goals and plan for a moments just outside our grasp. We start building businesses and forget to serve people. We project ourselves into a future where we are somewhere else, and we imagine that this future is better than the now. We strategize and plan and live in other moments. We spend most of our time in places that don’t truly exist. We forget to commune with the truth…we forget to notice what is absolutely breathtaking…

But if we pause, if we sit still in our grief, our tears, our angst, and our laughter, the Universe performs just for us. The Universe is supporting our growth. When you slow down she’ll reveal the hidden beauty of each moment.

And you’ll remember the world is beautiful.

Try to remember that the world is amazing even when your stressed or there’s is evidence to the contrary. Try to remember, in the midst of any storm, that the Universe is self-correcting and nothing lasts forever. There are so many things that distract us from the beauty, but it’s there, even in the darkest places. Sometimes the beauty is hidden in the chaos and sometimes its floats in via guitar melody at a busy intersection.

The world is a complex and beautiful place.

And so are you, my friend, so are you.