My Small Business is My Boyfriend #entrepreneurlife

by P. Braithwaite


I’m in between hoes beaus at the moment, and it feels good. Primarily because my happiness is my own responsibility (I’m easy to please), but mostly because a lot of time and energy is being spent on my tumultuous relationship with my Business.

My small business is my boyfriend.

A while back, when did my stint in therapy, I was living a life filled with walls and fragments. There were all these trappings, rules, clear distinctions between who was in a relationship, vs. who I was as a teacher vs who I was as a person. Then I started doing inner work and therapy to knock down those walls. Then, after that, I got to work creating a professional vision that allowed me to be myself. I started asking how this newly integrated person wanted to earn a living.


That’s me.

As it turns out, starting your own business brings up all of the old emotional baggage you thought you’d worked through. It’s comperable to going through a really bad breakup, taking time to ‘work on yourself’ only to end up in a new relationship that brings up all your old insecurities.

Entrepreneurship is tough.

So yeah, this new path is a very deep relationship that forces one to come to terms with old fears and doubts. Am I good enough to succeed at The Relationship? Will anyone want me as I am? What if I fail? Will anyone actually pay me for what I offer? Other people are doing it differently, which means I’m doing it wrong.

I don’t know, but I must try.

Ironically, I’ve spent months NOT writing about this until it hit me: the same questions I’m asking about this business are the same questions I ask when analyzing my relationships with: men, myself and God.

In short: My Small Business is by new boyfriend. And shit is serious between us.

I’m scared and nervous and hopeful it works out, but suddenly my approach to this whole thing is clear:

Be honest, be brave, be crazy but self-aware, write when overwhelmed, fail epically, and cry if shit goes left.

Cry and then start from scratch.

Never lose hope in the ability to create beauty.

And if all else fails, show up as yourself.

Yeah, I think I’ll be fine.

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Reflect, Transform, Love


Any entrepreneurs out there? Any advice for me?