On Ripening

by P. Braithwaite

I’m not yet ripe. The other day I grabbed an unripe banana from a bowl. It was greener than I liked, but I prefer an unripe banana to an overripe one. Soft brown bananas make me queasy.

I grabbed the banana and sat down, but when I tried to peel it something happened. The skin wouldn’t peel easily. There was a sticky pulp left on my fingers. When I got to the meat of the banana, it was tasteless and grainy.

The banana wasn’t ready to be consumed.

Sometimes, when I can get away and slow down, I realize we’re all unripe bananas too eager to be consumed. We’ve thrown ourselves from branches and peeled off our own skin, unwilling to let nature take its toll on us.

I believe in taking chances. I believe in growth, accountability and taking big leaps. But I also believe in trusting nature to take her course. If she’s good with bananas, I’m sure she’s got us covered too. Maybe we don’t have to try so hard to grow…

And so today, as I’m taking action and gaining clarity in my life, I take time to breathe into the nature of all things. If things are moving too quickly and I can’t seem to keep up…slowing down is entirely okay.

Nature doesn’t forget. And she doesn’t make mistakes.

In time we will ripen just fine. πŸ™‚