Love & Dating Advice from my Friends’ Mothers

by P. Braithwaite

The other night, I found myself receiving relationship advice (on a relationship I don’t even have) from my friend’s mom. Some of it was spot on: If a man isn’t ready to love you, move on. Sorry Charlie! Party’s over!

Some of it made me uncomfortable: don’t just open the door and take him to the bedroom. Make him work for it.

But receiving the advice and laughing with my friend and her mom made me think more about love and relationship advice we all get from our mothers — women who have faced the same love challenges and heartache that we’ve faced (often to a greater degree). There are untold stories that contribute to the logic of all advice. Whether it resonates with us or not most of us can acknowledge that the advice from our moms comes from a good place. So I decided to ask a few of my friends the following:

What’s the best love/dating advice your mother ever gave you?

Their anonymous answers are below:

“You can’t make somebody love you.”

“Make sure he loves you more than you love him…because a women’s love unleashed is beyond powerful.”

“If a man will curse you out in the streets and disrespect you out loud. He never loved you.”

“Trust is the foundation of every relationship.”

“Make ’em work for it.”

“…It’s nice that he gets you coffee, but the cute romantic sh*t fades. Real love means going to the dentist with you and holding your hand, even if it’s just a cleaning”

“Find a girl who will put up with your shit. My mom knows I’m hard to deal with.”

“Make your own money…have your own bank account.”

“What’s meant to be will be.”

“She always advised us from a young age that we didn’t need a man, this was the best advice ever!!!”

And so it is. ❤

What’s the best love/dating advice your parent ever gave you?