#Writegirlproblems: The Paradox of Blogging (#31writenow #nablopomo)

by P. Braithwaite

Blogging about your personal life is tricky stuff. You are having very real experiences and simultaneously framing them in a creative context. You are both real and not real, and shit can get a little schizophrenic if you let it.

The real paradox emerges, however, when you stop blogging in secret and decide this is your work. Immediately, you must find the space between taking yourself seriously and not taking yourself seriously at all.

To take oneself too seriously is to overlook some awesome creativity opportunities. Suddenly, your secrets and stories are so dark and scary that they cannot possibly be revealed. Once you imagine people will care if they know your stupid story…you’re taking yourself a little too seriously.

The thing is, however, if not taken seriously enough, I won’t do the things I need to do to grow. It’s taken me two years to write a business plan for my blog, I’ve only recently realized I should invest in decent developer. I am now concocting ways to monetize my blog. I’m realizing that I might already have a book here. Taking myself seriously as a blogger gives me space to allow my passions to work for me.

I probably should’ve started taking myself more seriously sooner.

This paradox, between taking oneself seriously without taking oneself seriously, is a universal struggle. How to we desire things without being too attached? How do we set boundaries without isolating ourselves? How do we communicate our needs without imposing on other people? How do we assert our worth without diminishing the value of others? There has to be a middle way…

What I’m learning is that being human requires a basic sense of seriousness. There is an inherent power in humanity that deserves a little respect. The same is true with accomplishing our goals. Find that balance…that inherent respect your task requires and then just try to have a good time.

I think that’s the key…get just serious enough and then…have a blast!

How are you balancing your seriousness?