Operation: I Love Michael Cera (A Post About Manifestation)

by P. Braithwaite

A few years ago, I developed an odd crush on Michael Cera. I’m serious. I developed a full out school-girl crush with elaborate fantasies of us holding hands and skipping through Bryant Park in the fall.

Yes. Michael Cera and I skipping.

This infatuation was nothing as elicit and mature as my crush on Joseph Gordon Levitt, no…no…this was something more…innocent (yet shameful and perverse).

It was something I kept a secret.

I’m not sure exactly when it happened, it might have been during Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist or maybe it was during Juno, when Paulie Bleecker ran around in his unusually short track shorts (his milky white legs displayed for all to see). I’m not sure, but at some point Michael Cera captured my heart. Who could resist his prepubescent good looks, his warm brown eyes, and his awkward voice?

No one, that’s who…

It was summer of 2009 (I think). I was in-between jobs, living with my parents, and pretty much hating my life. Several times a week, I’d stuff fast food into my over-sized purse and sneak into a movie theater to escape my own depression. I saw movies like Paper Heart and Youth in Revolt alone in the in the middle of the day. I ate sandwiches, taco bell, bags of potato chips while I watched Cera light up the big screen. I think I might have cried during Paper Heart

I’m not sure this post has a point…

Oh yes! Time passed. I found employment, moved out of my parents’ home, and I’d all-but-forgotten about Michael Cera until a series of random events reawakened my desires:

1. The reprisal of Arrested Development.

2. Michael Cera AS Michael Cera in This is the End

3. This picture in a New York Times profile:


And so, in light of these recent events, I accidentally drunkenly confessed my love for Michael Cera.

“I luuh him! I luuuh Michael Cera. I dunnowhy I jus doooo!”

“Well,” my writing partner smirked. “I read in the New York Times that he lives in Brooklyn.”

“I should fiiiiiiiiind him!!”

“Yeah, you totally should.”

And with the utterance of those ridiculous words, I officially declare Operation: I Love Michael Cera — my intention that the universe organize itself so that I may spot Michael Cera…in Brooklyn…before the end of summer.

Do I plan to go out of my way to achieve this goal? Nope. Will I die if this doesn’t actually happen? Probably not. But I’m setting my intention in the hopes that our paths will cross.

This is partially fan-girl fetish, and partially a little exercise in manifestation and attraction. By putting this out into the world, is it possible that I may find myself face to face with my embarrassing crush? How much effort does one need to exert to achieve what they desire?

Stay tuned, people. We shall see.20130731-224030.jpg

If you see him, let him know I’m looking for him!

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