Your Weaknesses are Actually Strengths

by P. Braithwaite

When I started life coaching, I was terrified that I’d have to change the way I blog. In my mind, this blog was a public record of ALL my weaknesses, and if I really committed to coaching, I couldn’t be an emotionally-honest blogger. I spent a few weeks agonizing over this idea until writer’s block set in and threw me into an existential crisis:

Who am I? Why am I? I think therefore I write; I write therefore I…am? WHO AM I?!!?!

After a while, I got tired of thinking and just started writing boring posts. Then I threatened to burn my gratitude journal. Finally, I decided that perhaps I shouldn’t continue life coaching.

If I have to choose b/w the coaching and the writing, I’ll choose writing.

Who told me I had to choose? I don’t know…

While my blog felt like a prison and my relationship imploded…I somehow felt drawn to relationship coaching. I had a relationship coaching client. And then I had another relationship client. And then, one day, I asked one of clients a very tough question:

“On a scale of one to ten, how much do you love yourself?”

And that’s when I realized this blog was my source of strength…

See having a blog like this gives me license to ask people really hard questions. I mean like really hard questions. Any question I’ve asked a client is a question I’ve asked myself. And if its an uncomfortable question that makes you flinch (cringe or maybe even cry), I’ve probably done all three and then written a post about it.

I finally saw my blog as a badge of honor, and that set me free to write…and write…and write about my poop (my personal fav).

Often, the very things that make us unique and powerful are the things we’re most ashamed of. Maybe someone who didn’t understand our unique magic told us that we were wrong to do or be who we are. My whole life folks have remarked that I’m “sensitive” and “emotional,” but I’m learning that those qualities are where much of my power lies. The problem was not seeing those qualities as such.

Your weaknesses are strengths. Your liabilities come with gifts. Everything that you are is divinely inspired — a gourmet recipe for you to do what you’re longing to accomplish. Your perceived weaknesses will help you take the world by storm.

So today I urge you to take ONE of your weaknesses and list at least three hidden gifts.

I promise, they are assets waiting to be shared!