Why You MIGHT not be Living Your Dream

by P. Braithwaite

When I went to Puerto Rico, I was excited to facilitate a coaching session on the beach.

“I’m going to coach on the beach and LITERALLY live my dream.”

I said this to anyone who would listen. I was super obnoxious about it. I even reached out to a few clients and asked them if, in an attempt to help me live my dream, they’d be willing to comply.

One of my clients was nice enough to oblige and so I went to Puerto with every intention of living my dream.

And I did live my dream. Only I realized that coaching on the beach isn’t my dream at all.

I’d rather sit on the beach, drink and get brown.

Here’s what DID happened: We arrived at the resort around 4 am. My travel companions were tired so they turned in. I, however, have the energy of a small child, and when they shut their door, I tip tied over to the balcony and slid open the glass door. I took a seat facing the water and listened. I was enthralled by the sounds of the coqui and I could almost hear the sun sliding into its place among the clouds. I sat on the balcony, my feet tucked underneath me, like a little kid waiting for Santa to arrive.

The sunrise in Puerto Rico was breathtaking.

Around 4:30, I realized I didn’t have a blog ready for the next day, and so I grabbed my phone and started typing. I sat in front of the ocean, waited for the day, and I wrote. I wrote a blog about the importance of seeing beauty clearly. I wrote about feeling ugly, while being surrounded by natural beauty. I was delirious and my typos were abundant, but I wrote as the sun rose. The sun and I wrote together. I wrote my little heart out; the only thing I truly love to do.

And when I was done, I went inside, closed the curtain and went to sleep.

Sometimes, if we’re not making headway on our dreams, it’s not because we’re lazy or scared or blocked. Sometimes we’ve simply confused our dreams with a good idea. Coaching on the beach was a vreat idea, but there’s a distinct difference between a dream and a good idea. While good ideas may sound awesome, make you smile and even bring you prestige, your dream is something a bit more magical. It beckons to your heart from some place deep in your soul.

A dream is a manifestation of the universe. I believe it’s what you’re put here to do.

It’s the thing you do EVEN when you don’t have to. It’s the compulsion that you’ve tried to quit but can’t. The dream is the thing you stay up doing at 5am while the stuff you SHOULD be doing goes untended. Dreams always have more “wants” in them than “shoulds.” Most dreams don’t have any shoulds at all.

Your dream is your lover. You know, the one that you’ve tried to stay away from but you can’t. The one who lights you up and makes you abandon all things sensible. It is the activity you sneak in between life — it’s what you chose to do when you’re in your favorite place (FYI…beaches are my favorite place).

This blog, and the writing that I do here, is the love of my life. And, though it might seem silly, every time I get to see or hear or feel something amazing, I yearn to write it down share with all of you. My dream is to live my life and go where The Universe guides me, and learn hard lessons, so I can share them with folks who feel alone. Every post, on some level, is a way for me to live my dreams. My hope is that my reach continues to grow.

Writing a blog in Puerto Rico, inspired by the sunrise…was a dream I didn’t even know I had. Coaching on the beach? A great idea!

So, if you are wondering what your dream is, look for the things you do that you don’t have to. Look in the direction of your wants. Examine the quiet pleasures you savor when no one’s watching. Look at the things you discuss while your friend’s eyes glaze over (“did you read my blog?”.

Your dream might not be what you say it is, but I assure you — it’s waiting for you to claim it.

What’s your dream?