The Truth About Who You Are…

by P. Braithwaite

When I was younger, people teased me because my voice was super deep. They said I sounded like a boy. I was a lanky brown girl with frizzy hair, wide-set hips, and droopy eyelids, the last thing I wanted to do was be considered a boy. So I started playing with my voice.

Consequently, over twenty years later, my voice changes like a prepubescent boy. It can be high and shrill or low and baritone, sometimes in the course of the same sentence.

On the flip side, I do awesome impersonations. 😉

It’s amazing how frequently we let other people tell us who we are. Its amazing how often we see ourselves and hear ourselves through someone else’s filters. I’m good because mom says so, I’m bad because dad says so. I’m strong because my friends tell me I am the strongest chick they know. I’m smart because my GPA was high in graduate school. I’m successful because my job title is impressive. I’m beautiful and majestic because, one time, he said I was…

You get the point.

How do we stay rooted in our own reflection of self? How does one see themselves authentically when the folks challenge their vision? How does we choose happiness in the face of self-doubt and shame? How do we love ourselves without conditions?

The truth is that YOU decide who you are, and ONLY YOU decide if that person is enough. No one has the power to accept you except you. Each one of us are in charge of our own conditions. We get to write our own stories. We get to create and share the truth of ourselves. We get to change our minds, our hearts and even our voices. And even when we fall victim to the perception of others, life is a series of seasons and cycles, these feelings pass, the clouds break, and sunshine will pour forth again.

And so it is.

Sending you light, love and self-acceptance from partly-sunny Puerto Rico!

Who are you when no one is watching? I bet that person’s absolutely gorgeous.