How to find $400 When You’re Pissed

by P. Braithwaite

On a particularly bad day last week, two pens decided to explode in my purse — a black pen and a blue one. I don’t know if they were terrorists, deciding to explode in unison, or if they were star-crossed inter-racial lovers — the black pen deciding to end it all after seeing his blue flame perish.

Anyway, the whole thing was annoying.

I was in a rush that morning, so unbeknownst to me, I dragged my leaky sack of ink from my kitchen chair (now stained), to my car (now stained), and finally to my desk where I noticed that the blue pen had not only exploded, but had also poked a hole in my favorite black tote.

Officially the most annoying day of the year.

I thought about crying, but I was too tired. So, instead, I found a plastic bag and started cleaning out my purse. I sorted through papers, found change and threw out some old hard candy.

And then I discovered a 400 dollar check I’d completely forgotten I had.

Who forgets they have money? I don’t know.

Sometimes, the most annoying moments that slow us down and make a mess, are actually God’s attempt at helping us find treasure. If those poor innocent pens hadn’t sacrificed their lives, my check would probably have expired.

That, my friends, would’ve been tragic.

And so today, I acknowledge that minor inconveniences are leading me somewhere great. It’s up to me to slow down and sift through all the mess. You know what they say: nothing happens to you, only for you.

I hope today brings lots of happy accidents your way. 🙂

What’s the biggest surprise you’ve had this week?


Phot credits: rapidcycling.wordpress.con