#Writegirlproblems: On Blogger’s Block

by P. Braithwaite

Blogger’s Block:
A psychological condition whereby a blogger has no trouble drafting, organizing or formatting blog posts, but is unable to actually publish any of what she writes. Symptoms include: hyper-critical thoughts, obsessive editing, self-pity, over-analysis, paranoia, and shame. “After her breakup, Patia Linda had blogger’s block; she was unable to publish her feelings on the web.”

This sucks.

I’m writing this blog post on the fly. I’ve got three blog posts in the can that don’t want to be published.

They don’t want to live.
It’s not my fault.

This morning, I tried to publish a post I’ve been agonizing over. I took deep breaths, said some prayers, and hit the “publish immediately” button on my phone. I waited. I checked my inbox. I even tried again.

Sometimes the universe intervenes.

So today, I choose to be at peace with my process. I will take this as a sign that I’m not ready to share. I have a right to write and share at my own pace. I’ll be slow and gentle with myself. I ‘keep it real,’ but sometimes I need some time. Every emotion and every project has a birthdate of its own — while discipline is necessary, compassion is tantamount. Sometimes the feelings need a little time to settle, and the work needs a moment to mature. I must be sweet and easy with my small creative blockage. I’ll trust, when I’m truly ready, I’ll hit send.


Have you ever experienced blogger’s block?