On Claiming Your Freedom

by P. Braithwaite

Freedom is one of my core values – I’ve designed a life that allows me to put my spirituality and my creativity first. I wake up, meditate, and write before anything else. I live alone in what honestly feels like a sanctuary (in NYC!). I splash my thoughts on the Internet with no fear of losing my day job. I’m living the life of my childhood dreams. Eleven year old Patia would be proud.

Yet, lately, I feel confined.

I think it started when I decided to become a life coach. The decision catapulted me into this entrepreneurial fast lane. Business plans, branding, and strategy rattled in my head. I was taking coaching classes, meeting people who were on the same path, and pulling collaborations out of my butt.

Not to mention – these coaching concepts are designed to stretch and grow you. I was analyzing and life coaching myself. Suddenly, it seemed in ordered to be a life coach, I had to be a different kind of writer. I should stop whimpering and start giving punchy and quick advice. I should be writing about “5 Tips to Be Happy Right Now” instead of “This is How We Ruined My Last Relationship. HOORAY!” I should monetize my writing by focusing on print magazines. I felt pressure to be anything other than a mess, but the mess is where all my power lies.

And so the writing slowed.
And then the writing trickled.
And then it all-together stopped.

When the writing stops – everyone around me feels my wrath.

I will never be the kind of writer that I was taught to be in J-school. I’ll never be the fiction writer my thesis advisor thinks I am. I’ll never be Martha Beck, or Marie Forleo or Joel Osteen. I’ll never be objective, authoritative, or pristine.

But when I’m free, everything else works out.

My point is simple: The path to freedom is doing what FEELS RIGHT. Because what feels right is right, even if it’s scary and even if you’re doing what feels right…alone. Be who you really are. Love what you really do, and…trust, the rest will fall into place.

That’s what I’m doing. What are you up to today?