Eating Fruit Together…

by P. Braithwaite

The other day my mentor, an amazing executive coach and professor at NYU, and I were discussing my life coaching journey. She asked, “Patia, what’s your low-hanging fruit?”

Life coaches love a good metaphor.

For those who aren’t familiar with the term, think of it this way: its lunchtime and you come upon a pear tree. To squelch your hunger, you’d reach for the low-hanging fruit. To obtain the pears you want, you’ve still gotta stretch, but reaching for the low-hanging pears is the best course of action.

This can be applied to your goals.

We have something we want to achieve, and the best step is right in front of us, but sometimes we ignore the low-hanging fruit. Instead, we spot a tree and try climbing to the top, or we look for sticks and honey with which the build a makeshift (and ineffective) ladder. We get so caught up in our hunger that we sit under the tree and lament without realizing that what we need is within reach.

So when my mentor asked me this question, I started looking into my own tree. I glanced up at the top and thought about opportunities for growing my blog and building my brand. I thought about elaborate proposals and partnerships I can obtain through distant contacts. I should hire a publicist, I thought. I should do another seminar. I should get another coaching certificate beyond the NYU one. Maybe I should get a PHD in positive psychology.

And then I realized: I should just tell people I’m a life coach.

So, dear friends:
I’m a life coach.
an empowerment coach.
a self-love/compassion coach.
a support system to help folks get out of their own way.

And I launched my own coaching company called The {Inner}workroom. I work with folks to help them identify what they really want. Then, week by week we set goals and target those areas. When blockages arise, we explore them. Together, we dissolve the reasons folks can’t start a business, or find a good mate, lose the weight or change careers. We work together, and folks discover they can do anything they want. I call myself a relationship expert, but I’m really just a lover.

Life coaching is just another way for me to love.

I have a few clients, but my goal is to have about 12-15 clients. So I’m asking you all to spread the word. Tell folks about me. If I have helped you through your own transitions consider working with me yourself.

Part of grasping the low-hanging fruit is being unafraid to claim the things we desire. It is my belief that God does not plant seeds in us that cannot be sown. We must simply water our seeds, allow them to grow and share the fruit when it blossoms. My deepest desire is to build a business and a life that allows me to love people and support people. My deepest desire is to live my life and bring experiences to others so that they can heal, and I can heal, and together we can heal the entire world. My deepest desire is to give myself full permission to shine, so that I can encourage others to do the same.

This blog will never turn into a non-stop sales pitch for my services. The truth is this blog, and you all who read it, sustains me. You help me organize my experiences and I know many of you feel that I’ve helped you do the same. I was reluctant to introduce myself as a life coach, because…for me…we’re…friends. I had to realize that a life coach can still be a friend. A life coach can still share stupid stories and life lessons.

By not telling you that I’m a life coach, I’m not honoring our friendship. By not asking for your help, I am ignoring my opportunity to grow.

So, today, I’m taking a chance. I’m reaching for the fruit. I’m letting you, my dear friends, know what I’m doing. I’m offering my services to you and those you love. I’m asking you to refer me to people you think might be in need. But mostly, I’m letting you know that I’m capable, qualified, and willing to help. If you need me – I’m a phone call away.
So, my two questions today:

1. What’s your low-hanging fruit?

2. Also, can you think of one or two people that might benefit from working with me? If so…lemme know.