Quickie: The Body and the Soul

by P. Braithwaite

One day the body woke up, but the soul wasn’t all there. The soul had drifted off in the night and was moving rapidly through the fields of forever. He, the soul, was off having an adventure. He was in the fields of forever allowing the sun to shine through him, letting the wind swirl around him, and the ocean and tall grass tickle his feet. The soul was happy. The soul was complete. The soul was free.

The body, however, was tired.

The body reluctantly pushed himself out of bed and shut the curtains (for the sun was too bright), he pulled a comforter from the closet (for his apartment was too cold), and he plodded into the kitchen to pour himself a glass of water (his mouth was too dry and very salty).

He then returned to his bed.

So the body slept, drifting into dreamless sleep, and the soul kept dancing in the fields of forever.

The body willed itself to expire, but the soul was undeterred, knowing death was an illusion, and energy can’t be created…….or destroyed.

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