Do you love V-Day against your will?

by P. Braithwaite

I had another blog post written this morning. One that was positive and upbeat. One about clarifying your vision for love. I called it MANifesting. It wasn’t all that bad. I even wrote my own vision of my future husband. I was going to share it with you, but I woke up this morning and it didn’t appropriate.

Maybe I’ll schedule it to post later. I’m writing this post on the fly.

A friend of mine once told me there are professional mourners in the world: people hired to go to funerals and sob so that others can feel comfortable accessing their own grief.

Today, I’m that person for those of you that needed it.

Here’s the truth I’m going to get off my chest: I love Valentine’s Day. I love the idea of a day that reminds us to get into our hearts. We live from so many other places: our heads, from other’s expectations, so if there’s a day that screams LOVE LIVES HERE (even with obnoxious teddy bears and stupid candy hearts) I believe that is inherently good. So I’m honoring my humanity. I’m a person on a path, but I f* cking like bears and roses too! I’m not above it! I don’t care! Sue me…

My disappointment today is almost palpable.

I know I’m not alone. There are others like me. While everyone is instagraming heart-shaped boxes of chocolate crap, we’ll put on our gamefaces and go out into the world.

I don’t like Valentine’s Day anyway, we’ll say.

We should show love everyday…

We’Il love people in our lives, and we’ll truly and authentically appreciate the love they give us. But inside…I, for one, will still feel a little sadness. I feel called to write this post to rep for those who feel the same.

Today, I’m the professional mourner for the lonely.

This is a post for all sad and disappointed people — those both in and out of love. I get it. This shit sucks. I understand. The downside of a championship is that someone has to lose, and the downside of this day is that, with all this outward loving, sometimes your quiet simple love life (or friendships and familial bonds) just doesn’t feel like enough. But trust me, your love is beatiful and valid. These emotions are transient; they will pass before you know it. And if they don’t… Well, I think Scandal airs on ABC tonight. 🙂

Yesterday I wrote a post about how happiness is a choice, and today I am a little disappointed. That’s okay. There is nothing wrong with any of what I’m feeling. So I stand boldly in my feelings for those who may feel sad, overlooked, disappointed or confused. I acknowledge your feelings so that you, without a doubt, know you’re not alone.

Today is a shitty day to feel alone.

So anyone who needs a valentine has one: me. This whole blog is the love letter just for you.

Happy Valentine’s Day, my love.