MANifest Destiny: A Little Optimistic Visioning :)

by P. Braithwaite

SO I decided to post twice today. Like I said…I love V-day and I love love. Sue me. 😉

I’ve touched on all of my favorite Valentine’s Day topics recently ( self-love, loving your friends, opening your heart/forgiving, and self-worth), and I don’t have anything new to say at the moment. So, instead, I humbly share my top-secret lady love-vision with you, and I lovingly challenge you (and myself) to enjoy all the love in your life, WHILE clarifying your own vision for the love you desire.


He is a man. A man’s man. An honest man. A handsome man. A man whom I desire. A man who walks into the room and ignites my heart. A man who supports me — all of me — the best and worst parts of my…self. My man is a balm — a salve — an ointment that makes life a little bit less painful. A man who teaches me how to feel safe. A man I can trust enough to relax. He is a romantic man. A man who spoils me and sweeps me off of my feet. I am constantly surprised and I am open to receiving. He takes me on adventures — in our living room, in our backyard, and across the globe. A man who makes me laugh so hard I could throw up. A man who is honest — spiritually, emotionally, and physically present. A man who stretches me…as I stretch him…and we grow together. He is a man with whom I feel a soul connection. A man who is available. A man who scares me in the most constructive way — in the way that challenges who I am and fosters who I am becoming. A good father for my children. A good leader for our household. A good partner for my soul…for our team…for our tribe…for our empire. A man who is deep and philosophical — a thinker. A confident man…secure in his desires and comfortable with the life he is choosing. A creative man — one who understands his own power and ability to create his future. A man who is ready to be my husband — who can help me feel ready to be his wife. I am ready, willing and able to be this man’s wife. A man who loves, honors and supports the artist in me. A man who occasionally reads my work but is never intrusive. A man who sees me clearly and loves me unconditionally — who helps me deepen my relationship to myself. A shepherd…a confidante…a partner…a friend.

This is the man I will marry.

May your reality and your vision always align.

What are you MAN or WOMANifesting?