God is a Stalker: More Lessons from South Beach

by P. Braithwaite

So, I’ve noticed that God stalks my entire life. I’m sure He stalks everyone , but when I’m just tryna chill and escape my problems, he shows up. Recently, God found me on Miami Beach. I was parked on a Bob Marley blanket (with great company). I was about two frozen drinks in, four shades darker than usual, and rocking my favorite gold bikini. I was communing with Mother Nature and Captain Morgan when God showed up.

He was in disguise — he looked like my friend Tah who had showed up with a cute straw hat and a bucket of fried chicken.

“I was up at 7 am this morning,” Tah said. “I went to church because I had to hear the word.”

“What was it about?” I asked.

“The word was about restoration. About forgiving yourself because God forgives you, and forgiving others as much as God forgives your sins.”

Tah didn’t know that “Radical Forgiveness” by Colin Tipping was tucked into my beach bag. She didn’t know that I feel felt angry and victimized and generally pissed off. She had no idea that my trip to Miami was very much about me trying to rejuvenate and heal my heart. All she knew was that I was in town, we hadn’t seen each other since 2008, and, for some reason, I’d suckered her into getting me some supermarket chicken.

I really love Miami’s supermarket chicken.

It’s amazing how God (i.e. the universe/your higher self) can find you in the bottom of a bottle or naked on a beach. The highest version of yourself won’t let you stray too far from your purpose. When you are being seduced by sunshine, or alcohol, or the general business of life — God sometimes brings the sermon to you.

He doesn’t discriminate or give up, and he speaks all languages (he got me with fried chicken).

I hear you Universe — loud and clear.

Despite my best efforts, I’ve come to accept that the beginning of this year is about re-remembering some life lessons: forgiveness, releasing fear, and expressing constructive anger. I am revisiting the old coursework one more time.

And so Tah, on the beach, reminded me: life is a spiritual classroom and God is a stalker with eyes in the backs of every head.

How is God stalking you today? What messages does he have for you?