Quickie: A Movie Ticket in My Bible

by P. Braithwaite

After speaking to one of my oldest friends, I pulled out my well-worn copy of The New American Bible For Catholics to look for the verse she mentioned: Psalm 126.

Oddly enough, I found a movie ticket from 2011 was tucked into my bible (2011 is quite possibly the last time I opened my Bible. Don’t judge me). When I opened, it I discovered Psalm of Thanksgiving. It has been rocking my life. I think I might read it every morning.

Those of you who know me understand that Jesus and I have an open relationship. Though I don’t think we’ll ever be exclusive again, I understand that The Bible has some deep wisdom. So Today’s Quickie is from The Bible. If I can quote Rumi or Buddha…I can quote The Bible too.

Shit, I’d quote Trinidad James if he said anything worth repeating.

Anyway, I hope this passage resonates with you: click here if you can’t read the image.