Operation FALL in love: On Partnership

by P. Braithwaite

Today, while on the subway, I was contemplating what I want in a partner. I was trying to decide how important spirituality is for me – does my partner need to meditate? Must he believe in God? My mind wandered around these thoughts for a moment and settled on the idea that my future partner must be committed to his own evolution. Yeah, I thought as the R train headed towards Jay Street, he must be committed to his own evolution even if that commitment doesn’t look exactly like my own.

Though my mind seemed ready to move onto other things, something about this statement seemed incomplete – it felt as if I were missing the point, and on cue, AT LEAST 25 six year old children (and their chaperons) boarded the train in a sugar-induced burst of energy. They literally crowed around me, jumping and yelling and screaming with delight. I tried to move my legs but three little girls in oversized jackets were literally jumping and screaming in my face. Their chaperons tried to wrangle them but couldn’t. They were energy that could not be contained. They’re vibe was infectious and I found myself smiling at all the life swirling around me. Children are crazy, I thought.

That’s when I understood why my statement was inaccurate – as humans we are all committed to our evolution. There is nothing else we can do, whether we sit in a corner or scream at the top of our lungs – we are always changing and evolving. To live and breathe is a representation of limitless and abundant energy. When we get older me hide and suppress this force, this overwhelmingly powerful life force, but at our best we a hyperactive children – moving through life quickly with no sense of boundary.

Those kids helped me understand that we’re all moving through life with speed and agility that seems both graceful and haphazard. We are kicking and screaming our way toward enlightenment – whether it’s through satsang or addiction. No one gets to avoid evolving.

So yes, of course my partner will be committed to his evolution because there is absolutely nothing else to be committed to in live. Everyone, in one way or another, is evolving.

I guess my true desire is that my partner and I evolve mindfully and consciously.