BLOGGERemme: Week Four and My Fortification

by BLOGGERemme

A few months ago, I had attended a seminar about realizing my life’s dream. During that time something registered within me that I would call a baby epiphany. For some time I had been trying to cultivate my practice of visualization and had been “struggling” with how I thought it was to occur versus what I was doing. I had started going down the off-road (for me) that it should have been a concentrated effort versus being effortless. Leading up to that evening at the seminar I had begun feeling good about visualizing the life that I am living and will continue to live, but the way I was doing it didn’t seem truly authentic. I was missing a physical connection to my vision or a sense of being one with it. It felt too contrived.

I have been meditating for a number of years now and when I truly go deep I feel a sense of immersion into everything that is, my surroundings, my thoughts, my breath, etc. When I come out of my meditation I only then realize where and how I was during the meditation. I always felt like visualization should be like that; like a deep meditation.

During the seminar we were asked to speak aloud our reason for attending. Immediately what came to my mind was that I had been visualizing my whole life in the form of daydreams. I always daydreamed about the life I wanted and would live. I always became one with my dreams and felt them throughout me. It dawned on me then that I had been visualizing I just never called it that.

I use my daydreams all the time as I feel the strongest connection to what I visualize in an awake state. My daydreams always give me a sense of direction in regard to my deepest desires and even my fears.

Visualization helps me to set my intention for my life.

Setting an intention is quite different then setting a goal. I have a daily goal in life, which is to be happy. I normally reach that goal. I have a life goal, which is also to be happy. Currently, I am happy in life and it shows. How I am able to reach my goal is because of the intention that I have set.

Katherine Woodward-Thomas, gives us four steps to setting an intention but first I think it important to discuss what intention means. Oxford Dictionary says that an intention is, “an aim or a plan.” Merriam-Webster Dictionary adds, “resolve” and “significance” to the definition. What I think best describes intention comes from Sextrology: The Astrology of Sex and Sexes by Starsky & Cox. There’s a passage where they are describing the Leo man.

…“I will,” desire and determination being conjoined in that creed.

And that to me is intention. Having and stating my desire layered with determination allows me to sit firmly in that which I intend to do. I will. It allows me to take the necessary action towards my aim and live out my plan. I will.

My husband is with me in all of my daydreams and Calling in “The One” is part of the intention that I set over one month ago to prepare myself for him. My daydreams incorporate the life that I want to live: a full life where I am with my husband and we are surrounded by our loving family and our great friends. I live a life of leisure; where I have a fulfilling creative business that affords me my time to travel and be with the amazing people in my life. Setting an intention allows me to live my daydreams.

Katherine starts off Week Four with the beautiful word ‘Congratulations,’ and rightfully so. If you have been following my journey thus far, I would like to say thank you for being with me as I call in my “One”. I have passed what I hope will be the hardest part, which is completing the past and so I celebrated entering Week 4 as ‘Congratulations’ were in order.

There was a marked shift for me in Week Three, that I was still processing as I started this week’s course. Initially I did not fully appreciate and revel in the expression of joy of progress and completion offered. I actually only celebrated both internally and externally when I maintained being in integrity. That was a tangible yet intangible experience, which helped me to see the progress that I had made and the positive internal shifts that had settled. That was the point in which I thought, “Go me!”

The battle to maintain my integrity forced a face-off between my old ways that were no longer serving me and immediately putting into practice the life that I was designing and truly wanting to live. That battle reminded me of my internal strength. That battle reminded me that it could be hard now or even harder later to deal with actively making these decisions that will shape my world.

Me claiming my integrity, in concert with my daydreams and the intentions that I set, helped me to move from Week Four fortified, open, aware and calm.

I will.

What do you will? What intentions have you set? How do you day dream? Join in on the conversation by leaving a comment.



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