The Relationship Pipeline

by P. Braithwaite

Lately, I’ve been thinking about intimate relationships. I tend to visualize all relationships as two people attached by an invisible pipeline.

The question is: what comes thru the pipeline?

Quick: think of the first person that comes to mind. Now, imagine there is a plastic pipe or tube attached between the two of you; it’s thick and clear so you can see into it. What’s being exchanged b/w the two of you? Which way do the contents flow? What do the contents look like? Are they murky? Are they light and wispy? Do the contents have a sweet smell or are they odorless?

What comes thru the relationship pipeline says a lot about the state of your union because all relationships feed us: they nurture attitudes and ideas that live dormant (and awake) inside of us. Whether your relationship is organic vegan goodness or 3 day old McDonalds, however, is the question.

I’ve got some rusty pipelines in my life. Some pipes that need to be unclogged and others that perhaps need to be disconnected, but today I am just striving to understand where and how a relationship feeds me.

How are your relationships serving you?