Prepping for Love: It’s All About Me

by BLOGGERemme

The way in which I learn best the lessons that will affect my life, is through self-observation, by internalizing and owning the subject at hand. By being taught and then taking a break to experience, observe, feel and potentially incorporate that which I have learned, before continuing to absorb more of it, really makes the difference with me for apprehension.

Life stepped in again and created this timely, extended beginning on my quest to call in “The One” by allowing me to partner with Marley (see my second post here). Also some little issues popped up: a conflict with schedules, sickness and other things that could have stopped our start. Having these potential deterrents allowed Marley and I to reaffirm our resolve of not letting anything arrest our march forward. Something could always come up, but we weren’t putting this part of our lives on pause any further. We were truly committed to this intellectual sojourn.

While waiting, I didn’t pick up the book again. I let the portion of the book that I had read sink in and register. I let what I was feeling about this course swirl around in my head. I fortified my commitment to gaining clarity around relationships and I observed my ways, my thoughts, and I journaled. This delayed start allowed me to slow down and think complete thoughts about our impending journey and prepare myself to either modify established ideas or formulate new ones.

There is something to be said about having a partner. Knowing that I have someone to support and someone who is there to support me, changes the experience exponentially for me. The course went from my private quest, to my personal quest and made it that much more real.

Before our first meeting there was a complimentary seminar that yours truly, Ms. Braithwaite, informed me of. Marley and I attended Calling in “The One” – How to Release Your Hidden Barriers to Love and Become Magnetic to Your Soulmate; an online seminar conducted by Katherine Woodward-Thomas and Claire Zammit.

Between the seminar and Week One I learned that I needed to get over my past, claim my power, and change the way I looked at my life so that it incorporated a “we” versus a “me” outlook. The great news about what I discovered is that I am in control to adjust and create, within my life that, which I desire and need to call in “My One.”

Getting over my past is essential and it became strikingly clear when over the summer I was offered a great way to consider our journey through life…a bus. Let’s consider for a moment that we are riding on a bus taking us towards our goals. There is only enough room on the bus for a certain amount of people and luggage. Who do you bring with you? And what do you bring with you, especially from your past, on this ride? When I was given this way to look at life, it became extremely apparent that I had to get rid of my past that was no longer serving me. I had already kept and incorporated the lessons learned…what else was I holding on to?

In recognizing, accepting and articulating my wants and needs, I am able to claim my power. What came out of Week One is me owning and saying aloud that I want to be chosen as number one! I will not be second to friends, a career, or a specific lifestyle choice. In my life my partner chooses me first as I choose him first, but we recognize, honor and respect those elements of life that are extremely important; elements like family, friends, a career and a specific lifestyle. We build our life together and choose us first and I comfortably believe that this will afford us a solid foundation.

There is Lesson 7 called Making the Space for Love. It is wonderful and was the beginning of a magical shift within. This lesson starts off with a wonderful quote from Marianne Williamson’s A Woman’s Worth that says it all.

Make room for love and it always comes. Make a nest for love and it always settles. Make a home for the beloved and he will find his way there.

This lesson has produced overwhelming feelings of reverence and admiration for love, dedication, partnership and faith. I am still in awe and adjusting to my new mental and emotional landscape of sharing my life with my partner in love. So now I ask all of you: who’s on your bus? How can you create more space for love?


Travel the distance with me as I call in “The One”!
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