Calling in “The One” [or] How I Met My Husband

by BLOGGERemme

Cover of "Calling in "The One" by Katherine Woodward-Thomas

Welcome to Operation Fall in Love!! As I mentioned, Emme will be blogging for the next few weeks about Calling in The One. I’m sure you all will enjoy her as much as I do!! 


Standing there with a pile of magazines afoot, the one on top had a sky-blue background and a woman in a white wedding gown; countless number of thoughts flooded my brain. I was quickly processing in real-time. My bare feet were planted on the ground. A fear-influenced thought came and went as quickly as it appeared. Staring at the bridal magazine I said aloud “I’m owning it.” I bent over, picked up the magazine and added it to the pile  I had amassed to make my first vision board as an adult.

It felt good. I knew it was time. That was the marked moment when I stepped out onto an imaginary bridge leading me towards my future. With every step, backed by intuition, my bridge materializes, just like it did in the “Leap of Faith” scene in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. I hadn’t remembered this scene until reading it in The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. When I read it, a “click” registered in my mind. I don’t know what my life will look like in 12 months or even in 6 months; I only have an idea. I do know that it will embody my dreams.

Fast forward a few weeks and I’m writing this after committing to going through Calling in “The One” by Katherine Woodward-Thomas. After perusing the book and recognizing that I could connect to it and Katherine’s style, it was on!

I’m excited — ‘beads of sweat on my temple while focused on my goal’ excited!

But before I get to where I’m going we’ll take a look at where I have been…

I have had dreams of my husband a fair number of times over the last decade. At first they were infrequent and then it seemed like a lot of my dreams were about us versus just him. With each dream there was more clarity about what he looks like, but even more definition around what we feel like and how we are together. We are warm, loving, and affectionate and always within each other’s embrace. We each support the other, physically and what feels like mentally and emotionally too. The actual dream hasn’t changed much. The background varies between different shades of blue with loads of sunshine and we are on something soft, with plush cushioning but sturdy to hold us both. There is always an essence of the woods in the distance. He is big and muscular and his face is always obscured by sunshine. The essence of our life in these dreams is the essence of the life that I will live with my partner. We will be supportive of each other and provide a safe environment for us to flourish in. We will exude our individual beauty as well as our mutual beauty. We will foster a peaceful, loving and affectionate relationship so that our love can continue to thrive. Our lives will be filled with exploration, stimulation and mirth. We will have a strong foundation and partnership. Not only is that what I want, but that is what I feel in these dreams. And so that is what will be.

There’s a lot of back-story to how I navigated myself to this point in my life. In brief: I went from not saying “My boyfriend”, to not wanting to be married, to only wanting a life partner, to thinking it was okay to be alone for the rest of my life (if I didn’t find the partner for me), to now owning that I want a husband, for life. Calling in “The One” will help me to figure out how and why I chose the path that I did and how to keep the good lessons learned and drop the behaviors and thoughts that are not serving me.

In finally acknowledging that I am ready for my husband and to build a life with him, I have become fully aware that these dreams were calls for me to wake up to the reality that I want a life partner regardless of the story that I was telling myself. The frequency of the dreams, was telling me that I wanted him sooner than later; that I want him now!