Operation: FALL In LOVE

by P. Braithwaite

Happy October, people! It’s fall, the leaves are changing, there’s a chill in the air, and my boys at Single Black Male have declared it cuffin’ season (that time of year where you scramble to find a boo before it gets cold).

I have some different ideas.

As you all know, I FINALLY wrapped up my 30 day forgiveness challenge (posting final thoughts next Tuesday). It wasn’t nearly as easy as I anticipated, but knowing that folks were out there reading my thoughts kept me accountable when I wanted to quit. So thanks for that!

With forgiveness out of the way, my friend called me on my bullshit in Iyanla Vanzant style:

“Beloved,” she said. “You need to decide. You’re either available or you’re not.”

Am I emotionally available? Am I ready to be “back out there”? I don’t know, but her statement inspired a new challenge – Operation FALL in LOVE.

So here’s how it’s going to work:

I’m Starting a Book Club:

I’ll admit, knee-deep in the hostile takeover of my own damn life, I’m not really interested in finding “the one”; however the universe keeps pushing the issue. For the last few weeks this book, Calling In the One, has been following me around. It’s flown from my friends’ lips, it’s shown up in my inbox, it’s popped up in random magazines, and it’s even presented itself as a professional opportunity in the future. And so, I’ve decided to put my skepticism aside, take a risk, and do a Men Myself and God Book Club.

During Operation FALL in LOVE, we’re reading Calling In the One by Katherine Woodward Thomas. It’s a seven week program that supposed to help you examine and remove blockages that might be keeping love out of your life. For instance: I’m a sweet loveable girl, but I have major commitment issues. Having a “boyfriend” makes me feel like the walls are closing in. The thing is, I wanna get married and have little brown babies with superior intelligence, near-sightedness, and large afros. So clearly there’s a disconnect. While I’m not sure if this book is legit, or if I’ll have a boyfriend by the end of seven weeks (or if I really want one), I do think I’ll have a greater understanding of my own shit…Thus furthering the compassionately hostile takeover of my own damn life, and really…that’s a winning situation for me.

So get your “>book and join the club and…
I’m Introducing Blogger Emme.

Emme is an amazing travel writer and a friend of mine who is really committed to finding love. During a conversation with her, I was moved me to tears when she discussed, with awe-inspiring clarity, how she was working to bring her husband into her life. She has such confidence and such bravery around the topic, that for the next seven weeks, she will be our guide — fearlessly blogging about her experience. She will be setting the tone for my (hopefully our) exploration. She’s already started the book, so, if nothing else, she’s proof that we won’t die from the soul searching process. Check her out here.

I’m hoping you’ll share your thoughts.

Operation FALL in LOVE needs you! Whether you decide to read the book or not, I encourage you all to engage in the conversation with us here on the site. What blockages are holding you back? If you’re in love, share your secrets? Let me know how you’ve done this work in your own way!

Ultimately I’m hoping that I can get a few of you to join in. Why? Well, because I’m really tired of hearing about scarcity and lack, and I’m sure you are too. No, I’m not married. No, I’m not freezing my eggs. No, nothing is wrong with me. Yes, I know I’m a black woman, but NO! I don’t have to settle!! So, I’m challenging the ideas of scarcity and lack, embracing abundance and loving myself a little more in the process. Plus, it’s getting cold… why get cuffed when you can be loved?

So join me, people! Get the book and buy a journal! Emme kicks off Operation FALL in LOVE on Wednesday, October 10th with her first post, and she’ll be posting through the entire seven weeks.

I’m excited. Are you?