9-11 and Forgiveness

by P. Braithwaite

I haven’t been to the 9-11 memorial. I remember going on the website and discovering that I needed to schedule my visit almost two months in advance.
I’m not sure if that’s still the case, but ,at the time, it required to much planning.

So I didn’t go.

That said, the design of the memorial seems so fitting — it, like most things these days, reminds me of forgiveness.

I’m a few days shy of my forgiveness challenge (a final post will follow soon, I swear), and I’m about a week late on the obligatory 9-11 post, but something about the memorial strikes me as so apropos on my final week of forgiveness that I decided to hold off on posting about it until now.

So, the memorial is this huge inverse fountain — this means that the water flows into this hole, cascading down into another smaller hole and then finally cascading down into darkness.

I don’t know what forgiveness looks like, but I imagine it looks something like that. A cool, clean, healing, cleansing, burst of water rushing to fill up a gash, a wound, a void that may never be filled.

See, forgiveness is not about forgetting or rebuilding in a bigger better way – though all of those things are valid responses- its about learning how to heal and maybe…in the process…turning the affliction into something beautiful.

My final thoughts on my forgiveness challenge are coming soon. Then I swear I’ll move on to other topics! Lol