My Faith Manifesto

by P. Braithwaite

As my 30 day forgiveness challenge comes to a close, I find myself looking forward — toward new opportunities and new love relationships.

As a result of this feeling (and a recent post), I’ve been toying with the idea of writing a Faith Manifesto – a document that outlines my unique view of God. I think, as I let go of the past and embrace the future, I need to understand where my faith resides and how that faith plays out in the context of a relationship.

In short: I need to answer the questions that I’ve asked so many men.

I feel and live my faith soo deeply, it informs my movements in this world, but, because I don’t have a specific denomination, I find it hard articulate my beliefs. I also find it hard to have clear expectations for my partner. So I don’t touch the subject — a subject that’s such a huge part of my identity.

And so, as I wind up the 30 day pray challenge, I’m going to start a new challenge for myself..expect to see the evolution of my faith manifesto over the next few week.

What do y’all believe about God? Do you have a manifesto?