Do you pray for your haters?

by P. Braithwaite

I despise the term haters. It reminds me of 90’s rap and Hype Williams music videos. Is there a new term? What do the kids call negative people? Someone let me know…

Anyway, I’m still contemplating forgiveness in a deep way, and the other day, Marianne Williamson said (I’m paraphrasing) that if we want to truly heal from a grievance, we should pray for the person who has committed the “injustice.”

Something about that seems very hard. I can pray for people I love. I can even pray for people whom I don’t know personally, but I find it really hard to TRULY pray for people who hurt me. It feels like a victory for them.

Williamson went on to say that if we pray for someone who has wronged/hurt us for 30 days we will see a shift — either in how we interact with that person or in how we view them. I don’t have to interact with my particular person anymore, BUT..I’d love to free up some room in my heart .

So…today I’ve started praying for the happiness and health of someone who wronged me. I hope there’s a shift. I’d like to be free of any and all residual hatred.

I’ll report back what happens, but I’d love if you all did it too? Can you spare some heart space for a challenging person in your life? Try it and let me know what you find…