Does Deepak Chopra Have Twitter Beef?

by P. Braithwaite

I have this professor that will bring up an obscure movie or book and then follow the reference with: Do we know this work? You simply must know this.  I’ve always found it annoying – perhaps it’s because I never know the obscure French New Wave film he’s mentioning. But today, before I launch into my usual shinanigans, I’m going to ask: Do we know what twitter beef is? I betcha my professor doesn’t know…The Oxford Urban Dictionary defines Twitter Beef as: the airing of grievances towards a person, place or thing using twitter as a platform.

Okay, now I can begin.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always thought Deepak Chopra was a pretty laid back guy. Chopra is a physician by training, but he has also become a pop culture philosopher (and friend of late-Michael Jackson). He has dedicated his life to the discussion of spirituality, science, and alternative medicine. He’s written over 65 books, and is considered an authority of alternative healing and spirituality. That said, he’s also criticized quite a bit. 

Anyway, he has a new book out called “The War of World Views.” It’s written with Leonard Mlodinow, a mathematical physicist at Cal Tech who’s worked with Stephen Hawking, and adresses issues regarding time, nature and the universe from opposing world views (science and spirituality).  I have not read the book yet, but I’m interested to see how the two work together to discuss some of lifes great mysteries. It sounds like a pretty open-minded thing to do eh?

Well, I don’t know what’s up with Deepak, but his tweets have been a little aggressive. I guess his emotionally-charged Huffington Post article where he completely trashes Richard Dawkins’ new book, coupled with the fact that when you write books with a scientist you’re going to attract a different readership, has Deepak a little pissed off.

On his twitter account he writes: “I’m a pseudoscientist, pseudospiritual, double pseudo, authentic, genuine fake. Vilify me and you do me a favor. I hate to be ignored.”

Damn, Deepak what’s that about? sarcasm? Spite?  Either way, I don’t get it. Can you go back to tweeting about conscious awareness again?