My Methodology

by P. Braithwaite

I don’t have a methodology per se. I’ve been sliding down a rabbit hole where one person leads me to another. At some point, perhaps I’ll go after bigger fish – clergy, politicos, and maybe Steve Harvey? But for now, I encounter the strangest people by chance Last night, I got this awesome text from one of my best friends:

It’s amazing how supportive my friends are, but what’s equally amazing are the rich and amazing stories behind the ordinary people we meet. Maybe I’ll get super ambitious and go after Bill Maher (seriously, he’s kinda my dream subject), but, for now, I’m happy with some variation of the following:

A: Whatcha up to these days?

Me: I’m writing this book about men and god and relationships.

A: Oh yea?

Me: Yea, I’ve got this theory that how men see God affects their romantic relationships.

A: Oh wow, that’s cool. Have I ever told you about my gay evangelical atheist brother who’s a warlock on weekends? You should totally interview him…

I say this for two reasons:

  1. Everyone has a story: I’ve met so many interesting people via the six degrees of separation. So far, I’ve met a divorced Presbyterian minister (who may or/may not be having premarital sex). I’ve met a transsexual deacon who feels closer to God than ever. I’ve also met accidental atheists, and men who believe that God is a woman. These people are all regular folks, like you and me. I love it!
  2. If you know someone you think I should be talking to, send ‘em over…