Counseling Weirdness & Christianity

by P. Braithwaite

It was a rainy day in NYC,  so I spent a lot of my Friday afternoon surfing the web. In my travels, I came across the site, Stuff Christians Like . I know I’m like years late, but I completely fell in love! The author, Jon Acuff , is brilliant. In his site description he asks: “Does the stuff we like ever get in the way of our relationship with the God we love?”

He is totally someone I’d love to interview, and this video he did totally hits home.

In the 2 minute podcast, Jon asserts that Christians are “Weird About Counseling.” He draws a distinction between pre-marital counseling and regular marriage counseling. (Premarital counseling = good & Marital counseling = failure)

This absolutely hits home. By now, most of you guys know I was raised Catholic and I consider myself a spiritual seeker. That said, I am guilty of “counseling weirdness.” For some reason, I have this aversion to seeking outside help. I think, thru God and meditation, I can handle “it.” I’ve read more than a few spiritual texts. Eckhart Tolle Deepak Chopra is the home boys in my head.

Translation: If there’s something “wrong” with me, I can fix it.

This of course is entirely untrue. When going through a particularly hard time, one of my mentors suggested I see a therapist. I immediately recoiled, as if she were suggesting I was a nutcase. I was actually mad at her. I thought to myself: she doesn’t really know me. She clearly doesn’t know how strong I am. Only upon further examination did I realize that maybe, just maybe, she was right.

When we step out of our fear of public imperfection, we discover that its okay to speak to an impartial witness. It is right and good and holy to examine some of our unhealthy  habits. I pride myself on resounding faith and new age sensibility, but I agree with Jon…we all need to entertain the possibility of receiving earthly help.