Spirituality vs. Religion [vs. Me]

by P. Braithwaite

I’ve always been one of those people, you know the “I’m not spiritual, I’m religious” types, so I was really delighted when I came across the Huffington Post article by Ed and Deb Shapiro. I was raised Roman Catholic, but, after years of undoing some of that Catholic guilt, I’ve decided to identify as “spiritual” rather than religious. I’ve always felt that spirituality somehow moves beyond doctrine to some place more universal; however, I understand the folks who think that “spirituality” is code for cherry picking the religious principles we like while avoiding the ones we don’t.

I think the Shapiro’s capture the essence of my beliefs when they write:
“Where religion tends to breed separation — my religion vs. your religion, my God is the only real God, my ethics are better than yours, etc. — spirituality sees all people as equal. We are not an “ism” or a label, we are spiritual beings whose purpose is to awaken to our true nature.” Check out the article here